The Alma Mater

The Morgan State University Alma Mater is sung at the close of the all-campus Commencement ceremonies in May and December.

It is customary that at the singing of the Alma Mater, all students shall stand, and men shall bare their heads.

Fair Morgan, we love thee, so tried and so true,
Our hearts at thy name thrill with pride;
We owe thee allegiance, we pledge thee our faith,
A faith which shall ever abide.

We pledge thee our love, we pledge thee our faith,
Whatever the future may bring,
And thus our devotion, fidelity too,
And homage we pay as we sing.

Fair Morgan, as onward the years quickly fly,
And thou livest in memory sweet.
We bring thee our laurels whatever they be,
And lay them with joy at thy feet.


Author: Flora E. Strout