What To Wear


All degree candidates must wear the official Morgan State University Regalia (mortarboard (cap), gown, stole, and hood), which is only available for purchase at the Morgan State University Bookstore. All degree candidates should dress in a manner appropriate for the dignity and solemnity of the University’s Commencement Exercises. Graduation candidates should wear conservative dark bottoms (pants/skirts) and white or light-colored tops (blouses/shirts) with dark colored neckties or bowties.

Graduation candidates who are commissioned as Second Lieutenants in the United States’ Army will wear Dress Blues.

Graduation attire should not be removed at any point during the University’s Commencement Exercises, except the removal of mortarboards (caps) for males during the invocation, the singing of anthems and the Alma Mater, and the benediction.

Purchasing Regalia and Graduation Announcements from the Morgan Bookstore

The Official Morgan State University Regalia for degree candidates is custom colored Morgan orange and blue. Degree candidates should order their Official Morgan State University Regalia from the Morgan State University Bookstore located in the University Student Center. The bookstore handles all orders, order changes, purchases, pickups, and delivery.

Information about MSU Official regalia and other graduation items will be available at the Morgan State University Grad Fest – a special event sponsored by the bookstore for all undergraduate and graduate degree candidates.  Grad-Fest is an event where degree candidates can purchase Official MSU Academic regalia, purchase graduation items, and receive special discounts.

Undergraduate and Graduate Regalia:

Morgan State University’s Official Academic regalia at the undergraduate and graduate levels are sold in sets. The sets include a mortarboard (cap) or tam (doctoral), gown, hood, stole, and tassel. Doctoral sets can be purchased or rented.