All degree candidates must attend the Graduation Rehearsal.  The date and time for Commencement Rehearsal will be announced two weeks prior to Commencement but are typically scheduled the morning before the University Commencement exercises.

Undergraduate Rehearsal:

Rehearsal for undergraduate degree candidates will be held in Talmadge Hill Field House. Degree candidates must bring their complete academic regalia set (mortarboards (caps), gowns and hoods) to the rehearsal.

During rehearsal, degree candidates will be instructed by the Chief Faculty Marshal of the University on protocol and procedures for appropriate conduct and comportment for participation in the University Commencement Exercises.

Official Graduation Class Photo

An official class picture will be taken for the University Archives at the beginning of rehearsal.  Degree candidates should be on time and bring their complete Official MSU Academic Regalia. Students without their complete Official MSU Academic Regalia will not be permitted to participate in the official class photo.  Graduation candidates should wear conservative dark bottoms (pants/skirts) and white or light colored tops (blouses/shirts) with dark colored neckties or bowties to rehearsal.

Day of Rehearsal:

At the end of graduation rehearsal, degree candidates will be provided with information on how to obtain:


Certification Card:

Each degree candidate will be issued one (1) certification card.  Only that degree candidate can use the certification card issued to participate in University’s Commencement Exercises.  The certification card will bear the degree candidate’s name and discipline (and Latin honors, if earned) and a special code that prevents duplication of the card. Once degree candidates receive the certification card, they should secure the card in a safe place.  Degree candidates must bring the certification card on Graduation Day. Degree candidates WILL NOT be admitted to participate in the University’s Commencement Exercises without their certification card. 

Verification Card:

Degree candidates will be issued one Verification Card at the end of Rehearsal.  Degree candidates should (1) fill out the verification card prior to the Commencement Exercises and (2) bring the verification card on the day of graduation. The verification card will be collected by ushers as the graduates conclude the recessional and depart from the venue.

Graduate Degree (Doctoral and Master’s Degree) Rehearsal

Graduate degree candidates will also rehearse for the University’s Commencement Exercises in the Talmadge Hill Field House.  

The same instructions regarding the class photo, certification and verification cards listed above for undergraduate degree candidates also apply to graduate degree candidates.