Conferring Degrees / Diplomas


The University President will confer degrees en masse according to degree level and academic unit. Afterwards, certified graduates will walk across the stage individually, as their names are called. Graduates will present their certification card to the reader when they approach the top of the stage. When the reader announces their names, they will rapidly proceed across the stage without delay, in an orderly and dignified manner suitable for the occasion to receive their commencement memento from the Dean, shake the President’s hand and be photographed, and exit the opposite side of the stage. Upon returning to their seats, graduates must remain at their seats and depart together as a class during the Recessional. Graduates MAY NOT leave prior to the conclusion of the Commencement Exercises.


In order to be considered for Latin honors, undergraduate degree candidates must have earned a minimum of sixty (60) semester credits at Morgan; must have a cumulative grade point average of at least 3.4; and must not have been sanctioned by their Dean or by the Provost for violating the University’s Policy on Academic Dishonesty. Degree candidates should note that the honors announced and/or published at commencement do not include the final semester grades; therefore, the level of honor may change once the final grade audit is completed by the Office of the Registrar. Degree candidates will be notified via email if they have received a Latin honor and the honor will appear on both their diploma and their Certification Card.


All graduates must remain until the end of the University Commencement Exercises and participate in The Recessional in order to have their diplomas mailed to them.

During The Recessional at the end of the University Commencement Exercises, as they leave the venue, graduates will hand their completed Verification Cards to the ushers at the exit stationthereby authorizing and activating the University to mail their diplomas.  If the graduate does not remain until the end of the University’s Commencement Exercises, then the mailing of the diploma will be significantly delayed.


Morgan State University Diplomas will be mailed directly to graduates by the Office of the Registrar within four to six weeks after the verification card has activated the mailing.  Graduates must ensure that the Office of the Registrar has the CORRECT MAILING ADDRESS where diplomas are to be mailed.

Graduates must remain for the entire University Commencement Exercises in order to submit the Verification Card to ensure the mailing of their diplomas has been activated.