Frequently Asked Questions


When should I start planning for the Commencement Exercises?

It is never too early to plan for graduation. You can get academic related graduation information from your advisor or department/Chair. The Office of the Registrar is the only office that can officially clear a student of all graduation requirements.  All other Commencement exercise related items can be found on this website.

Can I participate in Commencement without completing my graduation requirements?

No, students must fulfill all academic requirements and financial obligations in order to participate in Commencement exercises.

I have reviewed my Degree Works audit (undergraduates only), transcript, have met with my advisor, and am eligible to apply for graduation. When-Where-How do I apply for graduation?

Please see the Applying for Graduation section on this website.

Check the Morgan Academic Calendar for the deadline for applying for graduation. The graduation application can be found in WebSIS. A student must login to WebSIS and click on the “Graduation Application” link under the student tab. Students should ensure they are selecting the correct semester for graduation.

Where do I order my academic regalia?

Undergraduate and Master’s candidates can purchase their regalia at the Morgan State University Bookstore, located in the University Student Center. Doctoral Students can either rent or purchase their regalia and can do this at any time before graduation.  Doctoral students should start early to be aware of what can be ordered and the prices for ordering certain regalia.  For more information, please visit the Regalia section of this website.

If I have more questions about Commencement – Whom do I contact?

Information about the Commencement exercises can be found on the Morgan State Commencement website:

For more specific information, please contact:

Will my name be in the Commencement program if I am graduating?

Students (graduate and undergraduate) who have applied for graduation by the specified deadline will have their names listed in the Commencement program booklet.

Disclaimer: Names listed in the Commencement program do NOT necessarily mean a student has been cleared for graduation.

What Graduation Ceremonies are scheduled each year?

There are three ceremonies that occur each academic year on these approximate dates (please check the Morgan Commencement website for exact dates):

  1. Fall/December Graduation (Undergraduate & Graduate Students) – 2nd or 3rd Friday in December
  2. Spring Graduation (Graduate Students) – 3rd Thursday in May
  3. Spring Graduate (Undergraduate Students) – 3rd Saturday in May.

Why is there more than one annual Commencement ceremony at Morgan?

There is one official Commencement ceremony in December for both undergraduate and graduate students who complete all requirements in the summer session and/or the fall semester. In May, there are two official commencement ceremonies planned, one for undergraduate students and one for graduate students who complete all requirements in the winter session and/or the spring semester.

What ceremony should I attend as a prospective graduating undergraduate student?

If you fulfill graduation requirements in the summer or fall semester, you will participate in the December (fall) Commencement. If you fulfill graduation requirements in winter or spring, you will participate in the May (spring) Commencement.

What ceremony should I attend as a prospective graduating graduate student?

If you fulfill graduation requirements in the fall, you will participate in the December (fall) Commencement for both graduate and undergraduate students. If you fulfill graduation requirements in spring semester, graduate students will attend the Graduate School Commencement ceremony scheduled for the 3rd Thursday in May. In addition to participating in the Thursday ceremony in May, Graduate School students may choose to walk in the procession at the undergraduate ceremony on the 3rd Saturday in May at which time they will be recognized en masse by the President. No individual names will be called for those Graduate School students.


I have a family member who needs a wheelchair.  What should I do?

The University does not provide wheelchairs, but does have spaces available for wheelchairs in the buildings where Commencement will be held, including the alternate viewing areas.

Where should I park at Commencement?

Parking is free on graduation day. All garages and parking lots will be available for parking on graduation day. Please see the Campus Map on the Morgan State University website for more information.

What if I have a guest who cannot sit outdoors during the May commencement?

For the May (spring) Commencement, there are indoor satellite locations for viewing.  Please see the Morgan State Commencement website for alternate viewing areas for both the Graduate School and the Undergraduate Commencement ceremonies.


When are Morgan Commencement ceremonies held indoors?

The December Commencement is always held indoors.  For undergraduate Commencement ceremony in May, in case of severe inclement weather, an announcement will be made if the ceremony will be held indoors. Please check the Inclement Weather Policy section of the Morgan Commencement website for additional information.

Where do I get information about Commencement ceremony arrangements if there is severe inclement weather the day of graduation?

Information about severe inclement weather will be located on the Morgan State University website: and broadcasted on, 88.9 FM WEAA, the Morgan State University radio station.

Do I need guest admit tickets for all my guests, including an infant, when ceremonies are held indoors?

Yes. When a ceremony is held indoors, all guests, regardless of age, require a guest admit ticket.

Where and when do I receive guest admit tickets if Commencement is held indoors?

Whenever tickets are required, all guest admit tickets (Graduate and Undergraduate) are distributed to graduating students at the graduation rehearsal, which is held the day before the Commencement exercises.

How many guest admit tickets do I receive?

Whenever there is an indoor graduation ceremony, due to capacity, there is a limited number of guest admit tickets that graduating students can receive. Students are issued a certain number of tickets depending on the number of students who graduate that year. Please check the Guest Admit Tickets section of the Morgan Commencement website for more information.

Are there alternate viewing areas in case I have more guests than guest admit tickets?

Yes, if you have more guests than admit tickets, there are satellite locations to view the Commencement exercises. Satellite locations do not require admit tickets. All Commencement exercises are streamed LIVE in the satellite locations.  Please check the Guest Admit Tickets section of the Morgan Commencement website for satellite location information.


Am I required to attend rehearsal?

Yes. Students cleared for graduation must attend rehearsal in order to receive their certification card, verification card, and guest admit tickets.

What time is the graduation rehearsal?

Graduation rehearsal takes place the day before the scheduled commencement exercises. For more information about the Commencement rehearsal dates and time, please see the Rehearsal section of the Morgan Commencement website for additional information.

How long is graduation rehearsal?

Graduation rehearsal generally lasts for 1 ½ hours.

Can I pick up my regalia on the day of rehearsal?

Since you will need to be in full regalia for the rehearsal, we highly recommend that you pick up your regalia as early as possible to make sure that it fits, you have all the parts of your academic regalia, and that it is free of wrinkles.

Should I bring anything with me when attending rehearsal? 

Yes. Bring your academic regalia (cap, gown and hood) and be properly attired (dress shirts and tie for men and dress shoes for women) for the rehearsal. This applies to both the Undergraduate and Graduate students. Academic regalia is required for the class photo and to practice the hooding process for undergraduate and doctoral candidates.

Why do I receive a certification card at rehearsal?

A certification card serves as official documentation a student has met all the requirements for graduation and is cleared to graduate. All graduating students must bring their certification card to their respective Commencement exercises in order to walk across the stage to have their name called. Certification cards can only be picked up at rehearsal.


What time do I need to arrive for the Commencement Exercises?

The procession ceremony for all Commencement exercises begins promptly at 9:30 a.m.  Students are therefore asked to arrive at the designated assembly area by 8:30 a.m.

Where do I line up on Commencement Day for the procession?

Before graduation day, please check with your department/school for location information. On graduation day, at the designated location, look for the banner signs for your department/school to line up.

Where should I park for Commencement?

All garages and parking lots will be available for parking on graduation day. Please see the Parking section of the Morgan Commencement website for more information on parking.

I graduated and would like an extra Commencement program? Where can I obtain one?

Many times, extra Commencement programs for the immediate past graduation are placed in the University Student Center. You can also contact the Morgan State University Print Shop for copies.


A graduation class picture will be taken during the rehearsal. Where can I get a copy of these pictures?

Pictures are taken as a courtesy and many can be found on the Photo Gallery section of the Morgan Commencement website.

I understand that the Commencement exercises are recorded.  Where can I locate this video after the ceremony?

The Commencement exercises are recorded and are available on Morgan State University’s YouTube Channel.

My picture was taken on stage during graduation.  How am I contacted about purchasing this picture?

The professional photographer hired by Morgan State University is given a name card and contact information for each student who crosses the stage. The photographer contacts the students directly regarding the photos taken on stage.

I saw Morgan photographers taking pictures during the Commencement exercises.  Where can I locate these pictures after the ceremony?

The pictures taken by the Morgan photographer are used by Public Relations and are not for sale or for public distribution. Throughout the year, many of these photos are placed on Photo Gallery section of the Morgan State Commencement website.

Virtual Recognition Ceremony FAQs

Why aren’t we having a physical commencement ceremony at Morgan on May 16th?

  • Due to COVID-19, the State of Maryland has ordered that planned large gatherings and events must be canceled or postponed until after termination of the state of emergency.

How is Morgan State University honoring its May 2020 graduates?

  • The University is honoring all May 2020 graduates – both Graduate School and Undergraduate students – with the showing of a Recognition Event video on May 16, 2020.

Will the names of the May 2020 graduating students be called during the May 16, 2020 Recognition Event Video?

  • The Recognition Event is not a Commencement Ceremony so names of graduating students will not be called.

When is the Recognition Event Video being shown?

  • Saturday, May 16 at 10 a.m. EST

Is this Recognition Event a ZOOM event?

  • No, it is a pre-recorded video that you can watch online.

Is this Recognition Event a virtual Commencement Ceremony?

  • No, this is a recognition event video. The physical Morgan Commencement for Undergraduate and Graduate students has been postponed to Thursday, October 15, 2020, if we are beyond the COVID-19 challenges by then.

Do I have to do anything for this video?

  • No, just watch and enjoy the viewing from the comfort of your home.

How can I view this video?

How can my family and friends view this video?

I am working on Saturday, May 16th at 10 a.m. Is there some way for me to view this video at a later date?

I have a lot of questions about regalia – how to order, shipping, sizing, colors, refunds, costs, etc. Who handles this?