Frequently Asked Questions


When should I start planning for the graduation ceremony?

It is never too early to plan for graduation. You can access academic related graduation information from the Registrar, your department/chair, and the Morgan State Commencement website:

I have met with my academic advisor, and have been cleared to register for graduation. Where do I register for graduation?

The graduation application can be found in Banner/Websis. Degree candidates must login into Banner/Websis and click on the Apply To Graduate tab and make sure to select the correct date of graduation.

Where do I purchase my Academic regalia (cap & gown)?

Academic regalia can only be purchased at the University Bookstore. The Bookstore is located in the University Student Center across from the Theatre on the 1st floor. Graduate Degree Candidates should contact the Morgan State University Bookstore for Academic regalia information. Please see the Morgan State Commencement Academic Regalia web page for more information:

Link to Order Regalia from Morgan Bookstore

If I have more questions about Commencement – whom do I contact?

Certification – Office of the Registrar
Academic Regalia – Morgan State University Bookstore
Graduation Portraits – The Office of Student Life and Development
Graduation Clearance – Your department/college/school

Where can I find more information about Commencement?

Information about the Commencement ceremony can be found on the Morgan State Commencement website:  If you are a Degree Candidate, set up an appointment with your department/college/school to be cleared.


How many Commencement Exercises are scheduled each year?

There are three ceremonies that occur each academic year:

  1. Fall Commencement Exercises (Graduate School & Undergraduate) – 3rd Friday of December
  2. Spring Commencement Exercises for the Graduate School – 3rd Thursday of May
  3. Spring Commencement Exercises for Undergraduates – 3rd Saturday of May

Why is there more than one annual Commencement ceremony at Morgan?

There is one official Commencement Exercise in December for both undergraduate and graduate Degree Candidates. The Spring Commencement Exercises include two official ceremonies, one ceremony is for graduate Degree Candidates, the second ceremony is for undergraduate Degree Candidates.

What ceremony should I attend as a prospective undergraduate Degree Candidate?

If you will graduate in December, you will participate in the Fall Commencement Exercises held on the third Friday in December. If you graduate in May and are an undergraduate, you will participate in the undergraduate ceremony held on the 3rd Saturday in May.

I can’t make any of the Commencement ceremonies this year.  Can I participate in another ceremony at another time?

University policy states that students must participate in the corresponding ceremony for which their degree is conferred.


I have a family member who needs a wheel chair.  What should I do?

The University does not provide wheelchairs, but does provide wheelchair accessible seating.

Where should I park for Commencement?

All University parking lots will be available for use on graduation day. Please see the Morgan State Commencement web pages for more information.

Will the Commencement be live streamed?

A live stream of each ceremony will be accessible via the University’s Commencement page to accommodate those family members and friends who exceed the number of Guest Admit Tickets available.

Are masks required for everyone during Commencement?  

Masking and social distancing guidelines and protocols will be determined by Baltimore City and Maryland State guidelines and laws at that time.

For Fall 2021 Commencement, face masks will be worn by ALL in attendance.


When are Morgan Commencement ceremonies held indoors?

The Fall Commencement Exercise is always held indoors.  For Spring, in case of severe inclement weather, an announcement will be made if the ceremony will be held indoors, delayed or rescheduled. Please check the Morgan website for additional information.

Where do I find out about Commencement arrangements if there is severe inclement weather the day of graduation?

Information about severe inclement weather is located on the Morgan State University website:  If there is inclement weather the day of Commencement, WEAA, the Morgan State radio station, will have more information.

Do I need guest admit tickets for all my guests, including an infant when ceremonies are held indoors?

Yes. When a ceremony is held indoors, all guests, regardless of age, require a guest admit ticket to enter the venue.

Where and when do I receive guest admit tickets if Commencement is held indoors?

Whenever guest admit tickets are required, they are distributed at the graduation rehearsal, which is held the day before the scheduled Commencement exercise.

How many guest admit tickets do I receive?

Whenever we have an indoor graduation ceremony, due to the number of students graduating and the capacity of our Morgan facilities, there is a limit to the number of guest admit tickets that graduating students can receive. Students are issued a certain number of tickets depending on the number of students who graduate that year. Please check the Morgan Commencement web pages for updated information, as we get closer to the Commencement date.


Am I required to attend rehearsal?

Yes. Degree candidates cleared for graduation must attend rehearsal in order to receive their certification card and guest tickets.

When is graduation rehearsal?

All degree candidates must attend the Graduation Rehearsal. The date and time for Commencement Rehearsal will be announced two weeks prior to Commencement but are typically scheduled the morning of the day before the University Commencement exercises. For more information about the Commencement rehearsal dates and time, please visit the Morgan State Commencement website:

Should I bring anything with me when attending rehearsal?

Yes. Academic regalia (cap, gown & hood) along with proper attire (white or light colored tops and black or dark colored bottoms with dark neckties, bowties and shoes) is required at the graduation rehearsal for both the Undergraduate and Graduate rehearsals. Full Academic Regalia is required for the class photo and for the hooding process for undergraduate and doctoral Degree Candidates.

What is the purpose of the certification card and where do I receive it?

A certification card serves as documentation that a Degree Candidate has met all the requirements for graduation and has been cleared to graduate. All Degree Candidates must bring their certification card to their respective ceremonies in order to walk across the stage and have their name and major announced. Certification cards can be picked up at the scheduled graduation rehearsal.

I would like to participate in the Commencement, but I am coming from out of state and can’t attend the Rehearsal to pick up my graduation packet (certification card and guest admit tickets)?

There will be a table set up in the University Student Center near the student assembly and processional area. However, you must show your ID in order to pick up your packet.


What time do I need to arrive for the Commencement Exercise?

Students are asked to arrive at the selected assembly area no later than 8:30 am.

Where do I line up on Graduation Day for the Commencement Exercises?

Degree candidate assembly areas are announced during Graduation Rehearsal.  Typical for the Fall Commencement Exercises, the Degree Candidates report to the University Student Center no later than 8:30 AM.  For the Spring Commencement Exercises, Degree Candidates typically report to the main academic quadrangle in front of Holmes Hall.  Before graduation day, please check for location information on the Morgan State Commencement website:

Where should I park for Commencement?

All University garages and parking lots will be available for parking on graduation day. Please see the Morgan State Commencement web pages for more information.

I graduated last month and I would like an extra Commencement program. Where can I get one?

Commencement program booklets are also digital and can be found on the Morgan Commencement website.

When do I receive my graduation diploma?

Diplomas are mailed to students who have been cleared and have fulfilled all of their University obligations based on the following schedule:

Winter Conferral – mid-February

Spring Conferral – mid-June

Summer Conferral – mid-September

Fall Conferral – mid-January

If you have any questions about diplomas, please contact