The Dr. Iva G. Jones Medallion Emblem

Some colleagues and community friends of the late Dr. Iva Gwendolyn Jones, Professor Emerita of the Morgan State University Department of English, honored her as a scholar, leader and teacher, by extending as a gift to Morgan State University the Dr. Iva G. Jones Medallion Emblem, which is the conception of the late Assistant Professor Emeritus Samuel L. Green, who was one of the two co-designers of the symbol. The second co-designer, and medallion silversmith, was retired Associate Professor Kenneth Royster.

The Emblem fabric approximates in width the border of the master’s hood, is velvet, and employs the University colors — blue and orange. The detachable chain, which surmounts the emblem and helps to drape the wearer’s front and shoulders, bears silver mounts that hold the medallions in suspension.

Appraisers have assessed each silver medallion at more than ten times the value of the United States silver dollar, which the medallions resemble. The twenty-one (21) emblem medallions — which the Philadelphia Mint created exclusively for the Negro Commemorative Society (Membership Number 1043) — display the images of African-American notables such as Crispus Attucks, Benjamin Banneker, Henry O. Tanner, Lorraine Hansberry, Mary Church Terrell, Alaine Locke and Ralph Bunche.

Annually, colleagues, employing University-approved criteria, select an individual to wear the Emblem. Those honored by this selection are persons who reflect vividly in their professional lives the qualities distinguishing the individual whose name the Emblem bears.

The Dr. Iva G. Jones Medallion Emblem


1986–88 –– Dr. Iva G. Jones, Professor of English Emerita **
1988–89 –– Dr. Sandye Jean McIntyre, II, Professor of Foreign Languages Emeritus, **
1989–90 –– Dr. Esther J. Ridley, Professor of Biology **
1990–91 –– Dr. Cecil W. Payton, Associate Professor of Biology
1991–92 –– Dr. Vergial S. Webb, Acting Associate Dean, School of Graduate Studies
1993–95 –– Dr. Ruthe T. Sheffey, Professor of English
1995–96 –– Dr. Ernest Silversmith, Professor of Chemistry
1996–97 –– Dr. Nathan Carter, Professor of Music **
1997–99 –– Dr. Dinker Raval, Professor of Business Administration
1999–2000 –– Dr. Pamela Leigh Mack, Associate Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering
2000–2001 –– Mr. Bala Subramanian, Associate Professor of Business Administration
2001–2002 –– Dr. Frederick Oliver, Professor of Physics
2002–2003 –– Dr. Anna R. McPhatter, Associate Professor of Social Work and Mental Health
2003–2004 –– Dr. Ali Emdad, Associate Professor of Information Science and Systems
2005–2006 –– Dr. M’bare N’gom, Professor of World Languages
2007–2008 –– Dr. Gaston N’guerekata, Professor of Mathematics
2010–2011 –– Dr. Asamoah Nkwanta, Associate Professor of Mathematics
2011–2012 –– Dr. Alex Tang, Professor of Finance
2012–2013 –– Dr. Burney J. Hollis, Professor of English
2013–2014 –– Dr. Conrad Williams, Professor of Physics
2014–2015 –– Dr. Sandra Chipungu, Professor of Social Work
2015–2016 –– Dr. Carroll S. Perrino, Associate Professor of Psychology
2016–2017 –– Dr. Yacob Astatke, Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering
2017–2018 –– Dr. Halaevalu Vakalahi, Associate Dean, School of Social Work
2018–2019 –– Dr. Farin Kamangar, Associate Dean and Professor, School of Computer, Mathematical and Natural Sciences

** Deceased