Shuttle Information

Our BEARtransit Shuttle buses are all equipped with wheelchair lifts.

Shuttle Stops:

  1. CBEIS/Engineering bus stop (sidewalk cutaway)
  2. Montebello Parking Lot U & Murphy Fine Arts Center Parking Lots X and Y
  3. Lots L & M (Gates 4, 5, 6 & 7)


  1. CBEIS/Engineering bus stop (sidewalk cutaway)
    Pickup and drop-offs are made at the Engineering bus stop (sidewalk cutaway). From Hillen Road (Northbound), make a left turn at the second turnabout and head southbound on Hillen Road. Turn left onto E. Cold Spring Lane, then make your first right onto Stadium Way. Turn right at first stop sign and continue to lots L & M for pickup and drop-offs. To exit, bear right onto main roadway, then turn left onto Stadium Way. Make a left on E. Cold Spring Lane, then turn right onto Hillen Road, and proceed to CBEIS for pick-up and drop-off.
    From Argonne Drive (Eastbound), turn right onto McCallum Drive, pick up passengers at 2nd crosswalk–next to Lot X , proceed to 4th crosswalk (Lot Z), make a stop at the stop sign across from the Alumni House, make immediate right onto Lot Y; follow Lot Y Roadway loop around to bus stop shelter pick up passengers; to exit Lot Y, make right (at stop sign) back onto Alumni Roadway; make left at next the stop sign; staying left, continue to stop light; left onto Argonne Drive; right onto Stadium Way, make left at second stop sign onto main roadway to Lots L & M for drop-offs and pick-ups. Exit through main roadway and turn right onto Stadium Way; cross Argonne Drive onto McCallum Drive; continue towards your left onto Alumni Roadway and turn right at stop sign, then turn into Lot Y entrance for drop-offs and pickups.
    All Shuttles return to Lots L & M to transport guests back to their vehicles.